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Mr. P. Sukhanand Shetty

Managing Partner

Mr. P. Sukhanand Shetty is the founder of M/S. Chithaary Developers. A first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Shetty begun his carrier as a civil engineer in the year 1996. After gaining experience of two years, he decided to call it quits. He had some other plans in His mind. In the year 1998, after he quit his job, he opened his own company, “Chithaary Developers”, a real estate company and started working on small building projects. Since then, over the years he has constructed many prestigious Residential projects in southern Bangalore.

Vision   : Mr. Sukhanand Shetty, a visionary and a master planner by himself, has decided to take the company to the next level. As a first step, Mr. Shetty has now decided to diversify the activities of the company and enter into construction activity in other fields of civil engineering

Mission : Execute and complete the projects keeping in mind the expectatioan of the customers, without compensating for quality and time.